Watch Infinity Train on...Something?

This title used to say "Watch Infinity Train on HBO Max", but they ridiculously chose to remove the show from their platform and completely scrub any mention of the show from all of their social media accounts. This show was incredible and had so much potential, and they completely squandered it by not completing Book 5 and now to remove it completely. For future updates on the show, keep an eye on Owen Dennis's Twitter

It's so good
"Infinity Train is an American animated television series created by Owen Dennis, previously a writer and storyboard artist on Regular Show.[3] The pilot for the series was released by Cartoon Network on November 1, 2016, before being picked-up for a full miniseries due to positive reception, which premiered on Cartoon Network on August 5, 2019.-Wikipedia

When I first watched Infinity Train I was hooked within the first episode (I do that a lot with shows). There was so much care, style, personality, just everything bleeding from every frame. Then when the story started to pick up mid way through the Book (they call each season a Book) I immediately messaged my friends with the "you need to watch this RIGHT NOW". They were able to fit so much, make you think and feel all these things, all in the span of ten 11min episodes. Then they did it again in Book 2. THEN AGAIN IN BOOK 3! Watch Infinity Train. You won't regret it.

"I found the pilot on YouTube, thought 'hey that's kinda neat', found Season 1 was out, and watched the entire thing in one go. Never had a show hook me that quickly" -Desert

"It is criminal. CRIMINAL. That they're not making any more of this show." -EnemyCarcass

I agree with EnemyCarcass. This show had so much potential and you could see what they were building to in Book 4 for Book 5, but it was cut short. Book 4 is good on it's own, but it doesn't work well as the finale of the show itself. I'm still holding out hope that they'll revive it and give it the finishing Book it deserves, as the creator Owen Dennis has proven he can make some damn fine television!

There are three notes I give to everyone about Infinity Train:
1) The first season heavily covers parental separation
2) The show doesn't pull any punches. It wants to make you think and feel AND IT WILL.
3) The show comes out of the gate swinging. Don't say I didn't warn you.

If you can, please don't let these stop you. The show is so amazing and deserves all the attention and support!

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