Watch Amphibia on Disney+

Amphibia returns March 19th on Disney Channel alongside The Owl House! (Source)

Amphibia is an animated fantasy adventure show created by Matt Braly for Disney Channel. It features the adventures of Anne Boonchuy, a Thai-American teenage girl who gets magically teleported to the world of Amphibia along with her friends Marcy Wu and Sasha Waybright, who are immediately separated from each other.

August 21st 2021 Update: Not gonna lie, I'm still in the process of watching Amphibia as of August 21st, 2021. I just finished Season 1 and it was...okay? It has it's awesome moments and the ending was really neat, but it took a while to get to the interesting bits. I wanted to get ahead of the game and get this website up and going to complete the set, but I'll be updating it as I watch more. I hear Season 2 is better, and Season 3 should be coming out in October (?) so we'll see!

August 27th 2021 Update: Amphibia finally got me to have tears well up. Something about characters on hotel balconies just screams "emotional moment". Really starting to get attached to these characters.

August 30th 2021 Update: Season 2 finished. THEY JUST DID THAT. WOW. I paced around freaking out like a madlad. Definitely one of the best season finale's I've seen in a while, and sets A BUNCH of things up for Season 3. Remember how I said I was getting attached to these characters? I CRIED FOR THESE GIRLS

November 13th 2021 Update: Just saw Season 3 Episode 7. Uhhh.....UHHH.....MATT! STOP!! PLEASE!!! WHAT DID THAT POOR GIRL EVER DO TO YOU?!?!?

April 26th 2022 Update: Only three episodes left in the series. Supposedly the one from this past weekend was the last of the "happy episodes". They've set up for some intense reveals, both to us the audience and to the characters themselves, so I'm excited to see what they have in store!

May 14th 2022 Update: With that, Amphibia has come to an end. I wasn't going to give this show a shot. The first few episodes didn't really hook me, I had other things I was going to watch, and I already was into a bunch of other shows similar to it. However, I'm so so happy I decided to continue. What I got was such a passion project of care, attention, and love. I never thought I would get attached to the stories of these three girls so much, but it's been 5 hours since the finale and I'm still sitting here in my Anne Boonchuy shirt listening to sad Grey's Anatomy piano music and making weeping sounds. Absolutely, ABSOLUTELY going on my list of personal favorite shows.

Matt Braly, if you ever end up reading this, thank you. Thank you, thank you to your team, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I love what you all have made, the stories you've told, and the characters you brought to life. I cannot possibly thank you enough. ❤

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